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The best glass shower doors Chicago

I wanted to change my bathroom, it was small and felt very closed in, so I decided to remove the bathtub and put a large shower in its place, making it more functional as the bathtub was very rarely used. I hit a snag when I was trying to order shower glass doors Chicago produced. I couldn't find any shower glass doors Chicago companies that stocked them. A friend recommended to me a custom made shower glass doors Chicago supplier that could make any door, any size. I couldn't believe my luck when I contacted them, they would make for me any size and design glass shower doors Chicago ordered. They made and installed the doors, which were very high quality and really looked beautiful. All for a fantastic price!

Glass Innovation – A reliable company in Chicago
This company is so good, I cannot sing its praises enough, there are so many reasons to recommend this company, it is obvious in every department that they place great emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. The attitudes of all the staff I have had contact with has been friendly, yet professional. Any time I had questions, both the customer service team and the contractors were very patient and helpful. I was very impressed by the skill and experience of the design team, they managed to use all my ideas, and really listened to what I wanted in the design they produced. The doors were made and I was kept informed at every stage of the process, what was happening and the progress they were making. All of their materials are of the finest qualities, I know my glass shower doors Chicago made are going to last a long time. The contractors when they came to the house to install the shower doors were punctual and efficient, they were obviously experienced and skilled and cleared up the small amount of mess that was made. I greatly recommend Glass Innovation, as the best glass shower doors Chicago company I have ever come across.!