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What Is Spray Foam Insulation Evanston, IL

Spray foam insulation Evanston is a single component and a qualified heat and sound insulation product that can be applied on surfaces by being sprayed through its special application device heated host. Two liquids, such as ISO and RESIN, are kept separate until applied at the job site by a qualified licensed spray foam insulation contractor Evanston. The composition will quickly cure, expand, and harden the moisture in the air and fill the cavity surface to seal leaks and gaps inside existing walls or some hard-to-reach spaces. This type of insulation provides a quick solution and long-term benefits.


There are two types of spray foam insulation; an open cell is the cheaper version but great for block noises, while a closed cell is dense and works better for keeping the air and water from penetrating inside the wall. If you are interested in having a spray foam solution, do not hesitate to contact Smart Spray Foam Insulation Evanston.